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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Take Flight (Featuring the JCUIN Guild)

Copper Bracelet with Ceramic Beads in Tan Orange Brown Bird Charm
Copper Bracelet With Ceramic Beads by Pink Sunset Jewelry Designs
Dragonfly and Fern Hand Made  Light Switch Plate Cover
Dragonfly and Fern Light Switch Plate by Wyvern Designs
Dichroic Glass Pendant, Flying Geese Etched, Blue and Purple, Handmade
Flying Geese Pendant by Shanghai Tai
Recently I did a collection on Artfire called "Take Flight!", featuring jewelry from JCUIN guild members that had wings or things that fly.  There were so many choices that I couldn't include them all in my collection, so I have decided to include a few more here.

First is a bracelet by Pink Sunset Jewelry Designs.  I just really like the look of this one.  The colors in the beads look good enough to eat.  And they go great with the copper.  I would have guessed, because of the swirls, that these beads are polymer clay, but they are actually ceramic.  Of course, the reason I included it here was because of the copper-tone swallow charm

Winter Birds Fused Glass Dichroic Pendant Necklace
Winter Birds Pendant by M2BC

Now this light switch cover is made out of polymer clay.  I love the deep dark green with the ferns.  You can imagine the dragonflies in a shaft of light breaking through the deep green forest.  This was made by Wyvern Designs.  You can see why I had to include this one!
IMJ Flight Turquoise and Copper Textured Earrings
Turquoise & Copper Earrings by Iron Mountain Jewelry

Larimar and Sterling Silver Pendant plarg1930
Larimar & Sterling Pendant by Lunaar Skies

Next are a couple of pendants that are very appropriate for the season.  The geese are flying south for the winter; I heard them just yesterday.  So this pendant is very timely.  This is an etched dichroic pendant, with the geese etched into the dichroic layer.  Three geese flying against a dark blue and purple sky.  This one is by me, Roxanne, of Shanghai Tai.

This fused pendant, by Meant 2B Cherished, is more a reflection of things to come.  Called "Winter Birds", it features white birds silhouetted against shades of blues and greys.  This technique is the opposite of the previous pendant.  Instead of being taken away, these birds and trees are added by fusing on an enamel design.  Enamel is another form of glass, so the design becomes part of the glass.

So far all these pieces have had realistic flyers.  But they can also be abstract.  These earrings feature an abstract wing design.  I love the combination of the turquoise with the copper, and also the texture around the wings.  These were made by Iron Mountain Jewelry.

Last, but certainly not least, is an abstract bird design.  The winged design is obvious to the viewer, but I think it must take a lot of creativity to create a design like this.  This larimar and sterling silver pendant is made by Quentin of Lunar Skies.

I hope you enjoyed this virtual flight.  Thanks to the talented artists of the Jewelry Creators Unite In Numbers guild on Artfire for the inspiration!

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