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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Taste the Rainbow!

Chakra Rainbow Chainmaille Bracelet  Framed with Light
Rainbow Chainmaille Bracelet

Lately I have been noticing a recurring theme popping up in some of the jewelry in the Jewelry Creators Unite In Numbers (JCUIN) guild:  rainbow colors!  With all the storms and tornadoes lately, we could probably all use some rainbows. So here are a few rainbows:

Here is a chainmaille bracelet by Meant 2B Cherished.  I also like the look of the silver on the edge -- just like a silver lining!

Chakra Necklace, Rainbow Necklace, Mixed Gemstone Necklace, Semi-precious stone, Rainbow Gemstone, Sterling Silver
Rainbow Chakra Necklace

This dangly rainbow chakra necklace can be found at Maggies Jewelry.  It is made with real gemstones and sterling silver.

Floating Mushroom Rainbows Dreamcatcher custom made by dreamcatcherman
Floating Mushroom Rainbows Dreamcatcher

Stimulate your imagination with the Floating Mushroom Rainbows Dreamcatcher, cutsom made by Dream Catcher Man.  Don't you just love that title?  Dreamcatchers are to catch the bad dreams, but I'm guessing this one lets the mushrooms and rainbows through!

Chakra Rainbow Earrings Handmade Swarovski Silver Spirals Yoga Jewelry
Chakra Rainbow Earrings

You can find these colorful Chakra Rainbow Earrings at Shadow Dog Designs.  The seven colors of Swarovski Crystal represent the seven major chakras, attached to sterling silver ear wires.

Wooden Rainbow Puzzle

Kids of all ages will have fun with this wooden rainbow puzzle by Artistic Creatons by Rose.  (Hint:  When you take the inside out, it's a tunnel!)
Rainbow Bracelet, Fused Glass Links, Handmade, Choose Length
Rainbow Fused Glass Bracelet

This rainbow bracelet by Shanghai Tai (me) is made of bright colored glass cabs.  Each piece of fused glass is individually handmade, and has the colors of the rainbow flag.

Here's wishing you lots of rainbows!