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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Spring Rain

One day recently, I came out of work and I could just smell spring in the air.  Of course, then it went away, but I know it won't be long until it warms up and we get that spring rain that makes everything turn green again.  This was the inspiration for my latest Jewelry Creators Unite In Number (JCUIN) collection, entitled "Spring Rain".  What jewelry reminds me of glistening rain drops?  Crystal, of course!  But I added a few other dark, shiny and sparkly things as well.

Clear Crystal Silver Pearl Cluster Cocktail Cha Cha Ring Adjustable
Cha Cha Ring

Here is a cute little cha-cha ring, by Crystal Bazaar.  The silvery grey pearls are like a grey, rainy day, while the AB bicone crystals are like the sparkles of raindrops.  

Lacy Floral Earrings, Peacock, Purple Amethyst, Black Silver, Peridot
Lacy Floral Earrings

This little gem is one of a pair of earrings made by our friend Margaret of Boho Wire Wrapped.  We lost her in January, so there is not much time left to own one of her pieces.

"Wild Heart" - Swarovski Crystal and Sterling Silver Necklace
Wild Heart Necklace

When I saw this stunning Swarovksi crystal pendant on a chain I had to include it.  It has all the colors of the rainbow, by Adora by Simona.

Secret Crystal Magic Carousel Dream catcher Mobile 8 dreamcatchers
Dream Catcher Mobile

These dream catchers are not sparkly, but they certainly do remind me of rain because of the colors and the vertical lines.  They are handmade by Dream Catcher Man.

Dazzling Black Delica and Swarovski Cuff Bracelet
Black Delica & Swarovski Cuff Bracelet

This cuff bracelet is woven of seed beads and Swarovski crystals by Irish Expressions.  Doesn't it just remind you of glistening rain drops?

Crystal dangle necklace, sterling silver, Swarovski, choose colors
Crystal Rain Neckace, choose colors

This Swarovski crystal dangle necklace reminds me of raindrops falling, which is why I named it "Crystal Rain".  You can find it in my studio at Shanghai Tai.

Hope you enjoyed my spring rain choices.  You can find the rest of the collection here.

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