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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Hidden Treasures Part I

There is no theme for this installment featuring members of the Jewelry Creators Unite in Numbers (JCUIN) guild, other than they are some of my favorites.  I often have a theme in mind, and have to pick items that fit that theme.  I always come across items that I think are really special, but I can't include them since they don't fit my theme.  So this time I am sharing a few of them.  It could also be called "Stuff I love!"  I hope you'll agree that they are indeed hidden treasures.

Luna Moth Necklace Hand Painted Aventurine and Antiqued Copper Necklace

I think this necklace by Jewelry Art by Dawn is so unique!  She has many necklaces with hand-painted pendants, but this is my favorite.  I love the color combination and I also love the way she has wrapped wire around some of the beads.  The moth almost looks like it's glowing in the dark!  What a fun and unique piece of wearable art!

Luna Moth Necklace Hand Painted Aventurine and Antiqued Copper Necklace

Chrysocolla, Peridot and Sterling Silver Pendant  pchrj2066

Chrysocolla, Peridot and Sterling Silver Pendant 

Now here's a gem of a pendant with a hidden surprise:  I love silver because it's so shiny.  I also love the color of this stone.  It looks great from the front, but how cool is it to have the word "Tranquility" in shiny silver secretly on the back of this beautiful pendant?  I wonder if it would help keep you calm just knowing it was there!  I originally thought this was cast but I'm pretty sure from the description that the design was cut out by hand with a little saw.  Definitely a one of a kind, by Lunar Skies Jewelry.
Black and White Floral Handwoven Cuff Bracelet

Black and White Floral Handwoven Cuff Bracelet

This cuff bracelet by Elizabeth Anne of Irish Expressions is so elegant.  I love the crisp detail of the black and white, yet at the same time it is very feminine.  Notice the extra little detail around the edge.  It must have taken hours and a lot of patience to make; all dressed up and waiting to go to your next special event!

Bangle Bracelet Blue Flower Red White Spot Polymer Clay Brass Casual
I don't think most people appreciate the work that goes into a bracelet like this one by Julie of Blue Morning Expressions. The blue flower design with red accents was totally made from rolling different colors of clay into canes.  That takes talent, and a lot of practice, I'm sure.  Another one of a kind treasure -- This one would look great with a pair of jeans!

Copper Barrette with blue lace glass beads

Copper and blue lace glass barrette

This barrette caught my eye a while back, mainly because it looks like blue lace agate.  It's actually glass.  It sure had me fooled.  I love blue lace agate, but that's not the reason it's here.  The reason it's one of my hidden gems is because of the wire-work.  What a lot of creativity it took to design this!  (Not to mention patience!)  Imagine how stunning this would be on a redhead!  This barrette is by Wagoner Wire Works.

Well, I hope you enjoyed these "hidden treasures" of handmade jewelry brought to you by the Jewelry Creators Unite In Numbers. Stay tuned for Part II.


  1. My eyes are loving the eye candy you've featured in this fabulous post! It's an honor to have my luna moth pendant included with these wonderful works of jewelry art.

    Thank you so much!

  2. Great blog, I love this stuff too! Thanks for including my Tranquility pendant.

  3. So many lovely pieces - I am in awe of those who are so talented in wire wrapping and intricate work that goes into creating pieces like Dawn's beautiful moth. All excellent choices, and I thank you so much for including my polymer bangle bracelet.

    Julie and Blu

  4. Thanks for including my barrette! I laughed aloud at the red-head comment because that is what I am! It is one of my favorite pieces and I'm glad you like it.