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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Walk in the Enchanted Forest

With the hot weather, I decided to do a collection that would make me feel nice and refreshed.  So here are some pieces from my "Enchanted Forest" collection on Artfire.  These are all pieces made by the talented members of the JCUIN guild, and I will highlight a few here.

Take a walk though the Enchanted Forest with me:

The first piece was really the inspiration for the collection, because it looks so nice and cool, and just a little magical:

Handmade Earrings Green Prehnite Hematite Gemstone Beaded Jewelry OOAK

These earrings are made with Green Prehnite beads and Hematite roundels.  Don't you just love the look of the green prehnite?  It's just luminous, like something you might find glowing after dark in an enchanted forest.  These "Forest Medley" earrings are made by Catherine of Shadow Dog Designs and she also has a matching necklace!

Imagine walking through the enchanted forest; do you think you might see a butterfly on a rock?

Just a Fairy Princess

This butterfly has a small fairy in the middle!  But that shouldn't really be a surprise in the enchanted forest!  It has a green patina and is on a brass chain with asymmetrical accents.  This necklace, called "Just a Fairy Princess" was made by AuNaturale Jewelry.

The forest is full of deep greens, but I couldn't forget that there are also lots of browns.  Here is a beautiful pair of brown earrings that look right at home in the forest:

Golden Turquoise and Antiqued Brass Leaf Earrings

These earrings were made by Daly Craft Works.  They almost look like copper hammered disks to me, but they are actually golden turquoise disks paired with some brass leaves.

Sometimes, when you're walking through some very dense, dark forest, you can see rays of light streaming thought the trees, making little patches of bright green:

Luscious Lime Delight N048

This necklace is called "Luscious Lime Delight" (but I think it looks like sun-dappled forest green.)  It was made with gorgeous 20mm black and lime swirled lampwork beads by Cathy of Caty Ann's Creations.

While walking through the forest, sometimes you find little vines (or big vines) or accidently run into little spider webs.  That's what these earrings remind me of:

Wire Knitted Earrings Featuring Green Glass and Copper Discs - BNC

Like little tiny vines growing all tangled up together, these earrings are made from knitted copper wire by Kath's Elegant Accessories.

Lastly, sometimes when you are walking in the forest, you are lucky enough to find a pond or a stream.  Maybe you will throw in a stone and make a splash:

Spiral green fused pendant reversible copper wire wrapped 1x1 Any Age Unisex

This spiral design fused pendant looks like ripples on the water deep in the forest.  The handmade pendant is reversible and you can find it at Shanghai Tai.

To see the rest, you can view the collection in it's entirety here:  Enchanted Forest Collection

Thanks for walking through the Enchanted Forest with me!


  1. What a fabulous post! I love the way you described the pieces as part of the magical forest - i can "see" these as being part of the forest. Thank you for including my earrings - am so glad they were the inspiration! Will definitely share this. Thanks again . . . Catherine

  2. Thanks for including one of my necklaces in your blog! I will definitely share this, too.

  3. Thanks so much for including my Wire Knitted Earrings in this fantastic blog post. I have shared on Twitter!

  4. Thanks everyone! It was fun to do this post and relate the pieces to the forest. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Great job on this post Roxanne! Thanks for including my necklace along with the other beautiful pieces. Off to share!

  6. I enjoyed this post! Love the pictures!

  7. Great post, Roxanne! Thanks for including my golden turquoise earrings.