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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Talent Sampler from JCUIN

I was going through the artists of the Jewelry Creators Unite in Numbers (JCUIN) to create my last collection, Swarovski Holiday Sparkle.  I kept seeing pieces that I really liked, but they just didn't go with the collection theme.  So for my blog, I decided to feature a few of those pieces, thinking they really didn't have much in common other than I think they're cool!  Then I realized, most of the pieces I admire are because they involve some sort of technique that I don't know how to do, or haven't mastered yet.

Take soldering for example.  I even took a two day class in it, and succeeded in making the pieces I was supposed to make.  My torch at home isn't the same though.  I keep telling myself I just need to practice.  Anyway, that's why I love looking at Southern Exposure.  Patricia Warner has apparently mastered it.  Just look at this gorgeous turquoise and pearl necklace:

And she uses pearls, which makes it that much cooler!  I think I need to go solder some jump rings now.

Wire-wrapping is something that I can do, but I don't have the patience to do it on the scale that some of these artists do, like this Dragon Charmer Bracelet by Haute Nouveau:

This bracelet is made of steel, not sterling.  But at the price she's asking, I think it's also a steal!

Here's another thing that I really don't have the patience to do:

Watermelon Bracelet. Hot Pink and Dark Green Wavy Beaded Wedges Cuff

I love the bright colors and intricate designs you can get with these little seed beads.  But I can imagine how many hours it takes to do something like this because I've dabbled in this too.  This lovely bracelet of watermelon slices (complete with seeds!) was made by Mortira of the Sage's Cupboard

Here's another variation of a beaded bracelet:

Beaded Bracelet Multi-Strand

I love the Southwest look of this beaded bracelet by Laura of Pink Rhododendrun.

Another thing I keep saying I'm going to practice is metalwork.  This is what Gaelic Forge does, and in my personal opinion their specialty is patinas.  Here is a good example:

Handmade Merlins Silver Earrings, Green Patina, Copper Hoop, Celtic 

These are called Handmade Merlins Silver Earrings with a green patina.  That is such an awesome patina.  (I wish I knew what their secret was!)

Resin is something that would be fun to try.  This next pendant I really like, partly because of the colors and partly because it's goth:

Gothic vampire initial monogram red and black domino pendant necklace

I guess I've liked Goth ever since my son went mostly Goth at age 13 (he was so cute!)  It lasted about 2-3 years.  Anyway, getting back to the pendant, it's made by Dixie Dazzle.

Enameling is something I have wanted to do for a long time to combine it with precious metal clay.  And I recently got the materials I need for my first easy project.

Shaded Peacock Green Enamel on Copper Handmade Earrings

Here is a pair of enamel on copper earrings by Sally at Crystal Bazaar.

Here's a technique that I am sure I will never aspire to.  This sterling pendant is handmade by Andrea of ANZ Jewelry Design:

Serra Mezzo Tondo Pendant

This oxidized sterling Serra Mezzo Tondo Pendant is made using traditional Florentine engraving techniques.

Finally, here's a technique I can do:  fused glass and precious metal clay.

Fine silver dichroic glass pendant Cerulean Wave

This pendant is called "Cerulean Wave" and you can find it in my ArtFire studio Shanghai Tai.  It is made of dichroic glass and silver precious metal clay.

Well, I'm sure there are more techniques out there, but they will have to wait for another installment.  Right now I think I need to go solder some jump rings!


  1. Beautiful pieces! That always happens to me, too, when doing a JCUiN collection! Great idea to share them here.

  2. Gorgeous! =D) Thanx for the EyeCandy Roxanne! =) Mx

  3. Beautiful pieces showing so many different techniques - and thank you for including my enamel on copper earrings!

  4. What a great post, I enjoyed reading your comments on the different pieces.

    Consider me your newest follower! ~V~